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Update dependency css-loader to v6

renovate requested to merge renovate/css-loader-6.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
css-loader dependencies major 5.2.7 -> 6.4.0

Release Notes



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  • generate more collision resistant for locals (c7db752)
Bug Fixes
  • classes generation for client and server bundling (303a3a1)


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  • added [folder] placeholder (a0dee4f)
  • added the exportType option with 'array', 'string' and 'css-style-sheet' values (c6d2066)
    • 'array' - the default export is Array with API for style-loader and other
    • 'string' - the default export is String you don't need to-string-loader loader anymore
    • 'css-style-sheet' - the default export is a constructable stylesheet, you can use import sheet from './styles.css' assert { type: 'css' }; like in a browser, more information you can find here
  • supported supports() and layer() functions in @import at-rules (#​1377) (bce2c17)
  • fix multiple merging multiple @media at-rules (#​1377) (bce2c17)
Bug Fixes


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  • allow the exportLocalsConvention option can be a function, useful for named export (#​1351) (3c4b357)


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Bug Fixes


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  • using ~ is deprecated when the esModules option is enabled (enabled by default) and can be removed from your code (we recommend it) (url(~package/image.png) -> url(package/image.png), @import url(~package/style.css) -> @import url(package/style.css), composes: import from '~package/one.css'; -> composes: import from 'package/one.css';), but we still support it for historical reasons. Why can you remove it? The loader will first try to resolve @import/url()/etc as relative, if it cannot be resolved, the loader will try to resolve @import/url()/etc inside node_modules or modules directories.
  • file-loader and url-loader are deprecated, please migrate on asset modules, since v6 css-loader is generating new URL(...) syntax, it enables by default built-in assets modules, i.e. type: 'asset' for all url()
  • minimum supported Node.js version is 12.13.0
  • minimum supported webpack version is 5, we recommend to update to the latest version for better performance
  • for url and import options Function type was removed in favor Object type with the filter property, i.e. before { url: () => true }, now { url: { filter: () => true } } and before { import: () => true }, now { import: { filter: () => true } }
  • the modules.compileType option was removed in favor the modules.mode option with icss value, also the modules option can have icss string value
  • new URL() syntax used for url(), only when the esModules option is enabled (enabled by default), it means you can bundle CSS for libraries
  • data URI are handling in url(), it means you can register loaders for them, example
  • aliases with false value for url() now generate empty data URI (i.e. data:0,), only when the esModules option is enabled (enabled by default)
  • [ext] placeholder don't need . (dot) before for the localIdentName option, i.e. please change .[ext] on [ext] (no dot before)
  • [folder] placeholder was removed without replacement for the localIdentName option, please use a custom function if you need complex logic
  • [emoji] placeholder was removed without replacement for the localIdentName option, please use a custom function if you need complex logic
  • the localIdentHashPrefix was removed in favor the localIdentHashSalt option
  • supported resolve.byDependency.css resolve options for @import
  • supported resolve.byDependency.icss resolve CSS modules and ICSS imports (i.e. composes/etc)
  • added modules.localIdentHashFunction, modules.localIdentHashDigest, modules.localIdentHashDigestLength options for better class hashing controlling
  • less dependencies
Bug Fixes
  • better performance
  • fixed circular @import
  • we strongly recommend not to add .css to resolve.extensions, it reduces performance and in most cases it is simply not necessary, alternative you can set resolve options by dependency
5.2.7 (2021-07-13)
Bug Fixes
  • fix crash when source map is unavailable with external URL in [@import]( (bb76fe4)
5.2.6 (2021-05-24)
Bug Fixes
  • always write locals export when css modules/icss enabled (#​1315) (075d9bd)
5.2.5 (2021-05-20)
Bug Fixes
5.2.4 (2021-04-19)
Bug Fixes
5.2.3 (2021-04-19)
Bug Fixes
  • improve performance
5.2.2 (2021-04-16)
Bug Fixes
  • avoid escape nonASCII characters in local names (0722733)
5.2.1 (2021-04-09)
Bug Fixes


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