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fix(deps): update dependency bootstrap to v5.3.3

renovate requested to merge renovate/bootstrap-5.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
bootstrap (source) dependencies patch 5.3.2 -> 5.3.3

Release Notes

twbs/bootstrap (bootstrap)


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  • Fixed a breaking change introduced with color modes where it was required to manually import variables-dark.scss when building Bootstrap with Sass. Now, _variables.scss will automatically import _variables-dark.scss. If you were already importing _variables-dark.scss manually, you should keep doing it as it won't break anything and will be the way to go in v6.
  • Fixed a regression in the selector engine that wasn't able to handle multiple IDs anymore.

Color modes

  • Badges now use the .text-bg-* text utilities to be certain that the text is always readable (especially when the customized colors are different in light and dark modes).
  • Fixed our color-modes.js script to handle the case where the OS is set to light mode and the auto color mode is used on the website. If you copied the script from our docs, you should apply this change to your own script.
  • Fixed color schemes description in the color modes documentation to show that color-scheme() only accept light and dark values as parameters.


  • Allowed <dl>, <dt> and <dd> in the sanitizer.
  • Dropped evenly items distribution for modal and offcanvas headers.
  • Fixed the accordion CSS selectors to avoid inheritance issues when nesting accordions.
  • Fixed the focus box-shadow for the validation stated form controls.
  • Fixed the focus ring on focused checked buttons.
  • Fixed the product example mobile navbar toggler.
  • Changed the RTL processing of carousel control icons.


  • #​37508: Use child combinators to avoid inheriting parent accordion's flush styles
  • #​38719: Fix focus box-shadow for validation stated form-controls
  • #​38884: fix border-radius on radio-switch
  • #​39294: Tests: update navbar in visual modal test
  • #​39373: refactor css: modal and offcanvas header spacing
  • #​39380: Fix Sass compilation breaking change in v5.3
  • #​39387: docs: fix typo
  • #​39411: Optimize the accordion icon
  • #​39497: Fix a typo
  • #​39536: Changed RTL processing of carousel control icons
  • #​39560: Drop --bs-accordion-btn-focus-border-color and deprecate $accordion-button-focus-border-color
  • #​39595: CSS: Fix the focus ring on focused checked buttons

️ JavaScript

📖 Docs

  • #​39200: Typo Fix
  • #​39214: Doc: use .text-bg-{color} for all badges
  • #​39246: Docs: fix for example code blocks have unnecessary 30px right-margin
  • #​39249: Doc: consistent rendering of 'Heads up!' callouts
  • #​39281: Fix getOrCreateInstance() doc example
  • #​39293: Update
  • #​39304: Doc: add expanded accordion explanation
  • #​39320: Drop .table-light from table foot example
  • #​39340: Doc: add dispose() to Offcanvas methods
  • #​39378: Docs: fix sentence in modal
  • #​39417: Fix color schemes description in Sass customization documentation
  • #​39418: Docs: change vite config path import in vite guide
  • #​39435: Docs: add shift-color() usage example in sass customization page
  • #​39458: Docs: enhance .card-img-* description
  • #​39503: Minor image compression improvements
  • #​39519: Docs: use consistent HTML elements in Utilities -> Background page
  • #​39520: Docs: drop unused .theme-icon class
  • #​39528: docs: clean up example.html
  • #​39537: Docs: fix desc around deprecated Sass mixins for alerts and list groups
  • #​39539: Update links on get-started page
  • #​39592: Update
  • #​39604: Fix typo in 'media-breakpoint-between' in migration docs
  • #​39617: Docs: add missing comma in native font stack code source in Content -> Reboot
  • #​39663: updated table to be responsive

🛠 Examples

  • #​39657: Fix product example mobile navbar toggler
  • #​39585: Docs: Add missing type="button" to Cheatsheet nav buttons

🏭 Tests

  • #​39294: Tests: update navbar in visual modal test

🧰 Misc

📦 Dependencies


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