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Update module to v2.7.5

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v2.5.0 -> v2.7.5


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Release Notes

ProtonMail/gopenpgp (


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  • API to get signature key IDs for mobile:
    func (msg *PGPMessage) GetHexSignatureKeyIDsJson() []byte
  • API to get encryption key IDs for mobile:
    func (msg *PGPMessage) GetHexEncryptionKeyIDsJson() []byte
  • API to get the number of key packets in a PGP message:
    func (msg *PGPSplitMessage) GetNumberOfKeyPackets() (int, error)
  • API in package helper to encrypt a PGP message to an additional key:
    func EncryptPGPMessageToAdditionalKey(messageToModify *crypto.PGPSplitMessage, keyRing *crypto.KeyRing, additionalKey *crypto.KeyRing) error


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  • Ensure that (SessionKey).Decrypt functions return an error if no integrity protection is present in the encrypted input. To protect SEIPDv1 encrypted messages, SED packets must not be allowed in decryption.


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  • Add helper.QuickCheckDecrypt function to the helper package. The function allows to check with high probability if a session key can decrypt a SEIPDv1 data packet given its 24-byte prefix.


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Update the underlying crypto library


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  • Add mobile helpers for signature verification with contexts.


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  • The SignatureVerificationError struct now has a Cause error field, which is returned by the the Unwrap function. The cause is also included in the error message. NB: If the caller was relying on the exact message of the error, it might break the flow.
  • When a signature fails verification because of the signature context, it returns a SignatureVerificationError with status constants.SIGNATURE_BAD_CONTEXT instead of constants.SIGNATURE_FAILED.


  • Add api for signature context on streams SignDetachedStreamWithContext.
  • Add API for signature context on embedded signatures.


  • When verifying detached signatures, gopenpgp sometimes needs to reattempt verification a second time to check for edge cases of signature expiration. This logic was broken because it was not rewinding the data readers.


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Security fix
  • Update and to fix panic on invalid inputs.

v2.6.0: Release version 2.6.0

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  • API for adding context to detached signatures:
    sig, err := keyRing.SignDetachedWithContext(message, context)
  • API to verify the context of detached signatures:
    err := keyRing.VerifyDetachedWithContext(message, signature, verifyTime, verificationContext)
  • Update to the latest version
  • More strictly verify detached signatures: reject detached signatures from revoked and expired keys.
  • In GetVerifiedSignatureTimestamp, use the new VerifyDetachedSignatureAndHash function to get the verified signature, instead of parsing the signature packets manually to get the timestamp.
  • Upgraded dependency to v0.7.0

v2.5.2: Release version 2.5.2

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  • Update to the latest version

v2.5.1: Release version 2.5.1

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  • Streaming API to encrypt with compression:
    • func (keyRing *KeyRing) EncryptStreamWithCompression
    • func (keyRing *KeyRing) EncryptSplitStreamWithCompression
    • func (sk *SessionKey) EncryptStreamWithCompression


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