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Explain how logout works in Nextcloud

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......@@ -68,3 +68,15 @@ from the *clamav-unofficial-sigs* datasets. If/when we'd like to use
these for antispam purposes as well we might want to turn this into a
separate standalone service.
## SSO integration
Nextcloud uses our single sign-on infrastructure by way of the
*user_saml* application and libapache2-mod-sso. The user_saml app
is configured to use the REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER environment variable
from the request, which is set by mod_sso. Once the initial exchange
is done, Nextcloud uses its own authenticated session.
The logout workflow requires a patch to send the user to the
centralized logout URL, and to handle the /sso_logout endpoint
by logging out the user out of Nextcloud's session as well.
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