Commit 0896c024 authored by ale's avatar ale

Fix the host_reachable metric

Without the 'bool' operator qualifier, it would only generate
values for reachable hosts, invalidating the alert logic.
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ groups:
# Special metric for the ping probe. The label_replace() sets
# the host to the value of the target label (instead of the host
# running the prober).
# running the prober). The 'bool' qualifier makes the greater-than
# operation not act as a filter.
- record: host_reachable
expr: label_replace(target:probe_success:ratio{probe="ping"} > 0.6, "host", "$1", "target", "(.*)")
expr: label_replace(target:probe_success:ratio{probe="ping"} > bool 0.6, "host", "$1", "target", "(.*)")
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