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......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ and in README files for individual Ansible roles:
* [Docker usage](roles/docker/
* [CLI tool usage](docs/
* [Testing](docs/
* [Operating](docs/
### Built-in services documentation
Operating float
This document covers operational aspects of running float, and how
these operations can impact users of the services.
# Unreachable hosts
Configurations that depend on data from *other* hosts (e.g. the vpn
service *tinc* needs to know about all hosts) can diverge when some
hosts cannot be reached by float.
In this situation there's effectively a *partition* between the
configurations: care must be applied to make sure that they still make
sense and the service behaves correctly. Once the hosts are reachable
again then the next float run will bring the configurations back in
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