Commit 4a10e54f authored by ale's avatar ale

Log TLS authentication failures

And return the right error code (403, not 401).
parent b5271f0c
......@@ -2,6 +2,8 @@ package serverutil
import (
......@@ -119,6 +121,13 @@ func (c *TLSServerConfig) TLSAuthWrapper(h http.Handler) (http.Handler, error) {
h.ServeHTTP(w, r)
http.Error(w, "Unauthorized", http.StatusUnauthorized)
// Log the failed access, useful for debugging.
var tlsmsg string
if r.TLS != nil && len(r.TLS.PeerCertificates) > 0 {
tlsmsg = fmt.Sprintf(" TLS client '%s' at", r.TLS.PeerCertificates[0].Subject.CommonName)
log.Printf("unauthorized access to %s from %s%s", r.URL.Path, tlsmsg, r.RemoteAddr)
http.Error(w, "Forbidden", http.StatusForbidden)
}), nil
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