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Update opentelemetry-go monorepo to v1.10.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/opentelemetry-go-monorepo into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.9.0 -> v1.10.0 require minor v1.9.0 -> v1.10.0 require minor v1.9.0 -> v1.10.0

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  • Support Go 1.19. (#​3077) Include compatibility testing and document support. (#​3077)
  • Support the OTLP ExportTracePartialSuccess response; these are passed to the registered error handler. (#​3106)
  • Upgrade from v0.18.0 to v0.19.0 (#​3107)
  • Fix misidentification of OpenTelemetry SpanKind in OpenTracing bridge ( (#​3096)
  • Attempting to start a span with a nil context will no longer cause a panic. (#​3110)
  • All exporters will be shutdown even if one reports an error (#​3091)
  • Ensure valid UTF-8 when truncating over-length attribute values. (#​3156)


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