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Fix handling of unicode strings in

The syslog module will throw a TypeError, not a UnicodeError, if
you give syslog() a unicode string.
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......@@ -80,14 +80,14 @@ class _Syslog:
except Exception, e:
msg = 'Bad format "%s": %s: %s' % (origmsg, repr(e), e)
logf.write(msg + '\n')
except UnicodeError:
except (UnicodeError, TypeError):
# Python 2.4 may fail to write 8bit (non-ascii) characters
# Also, if msg is unicode with non-ascii, quopri.encodestring()
# will throw UnicodeEncodeError, so avoid that.
if isinstance(msg, unicode):
msg = msg.encode('iso-8859-1', 'replace')
logf.write(quopri.encodestring(msg) + '\n')
# For the ultimate in convenience
__call__ = write
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