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Update module to v1.38.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.37.0 -> v1.38.0

Release Notes



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API Changes

  • reflection: accept interface instead of grpc.Server struct in Register() (#​4340)
  • resolver: add error return value from ClientConn.UpdateState (#​4270)

Behavior Changes

  • client: do not poll name resolver when errors or bad updates are reported (#​4270)
  • transport: InTapHandle may return RPC status errors; no longer RST_STREAMs (#​4365)

New Features

  • client: propagate connection error causes to RPC status (#​4311, #​4316)
  • xds: support inline RDS resource from LDS response (#​4299)
  • xds: server side support is now experimentally available
  • server: add ForceServerCodec() to set a custom encoding.Codec on the server (#​4205)

Performance Improvements

Bug Fixes

  • xds/balancergroup: fix rare memory leak after closing ClientConn (#​4308)


  • examples: update xds examples for PSM security (#​4256)
  • grpc: improve docs on StreamDesc (#​4397)


Compare Source

  • client: fix rare panic when shutting down client while receiving the first name resolver update (#​4398)
  • client: fix leaked addrConn struct when addresses are updated (#​4347)
  • xds/resolver: prevent panic when two LDS updates are receives without RDS in between (#​4327)


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