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Update module to v1.49.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.48.0 -> v1.49.0

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New Features

  • gcp/observability: add support for Environment Variable GRPC_CONFIG_OBSERVABILITY_JSON (#​5525)
  • gcp/observability: add support for custom tags (#​5565)

Behavior Changes

  • server: reduce log level from Warning to Info for early connection establishment errors (#​5524)

Bug Fixes

  • client: fix race in flow control that could lead to unexpected EOF errors (#​5494)
  • client: fix a race that could cause RPCs to time out instead of failing more quickly with UNAVAILABLE (#​5503)
  • client & server: fix a panic caused by passing a nil stats handler to grpc.WithStatsHandler or grpc.StatsHandler (#​5543)
  • transport/server: fix a race that could cause a stray header to be sent (#​5513)
  • balancer: give precedence to IDLE over TRANSIENT_FAILURE when aggregating connectivity state (#​5473)
  • xds/xdsclient: request correct resource name when user specifies a new style resource name with empty authority (#​5488)
  • xds/xdsclient: NACK endpoint resources with zero weight (#​5560)
  • xds/xdsclient: fix bug that would reset resource version information after ADS stream restart (#​5422)
  • xds/xdsclient: fix goroutine leaks when load reporting is enabled (#​5505)
  • xds/ringhash: fix config update processing to recreate ring and picker when min/max ring size changes (#​5557)
  • xds/ringhash: avoid recreating subChannels when update doesn't change address weight information (#​5431)
  • xds/priority: fix bug which could cause priority LB to block all traffic after a config update (#​5549)
  • xds: fix bug when environment variable GRPC_EXPERIMENTAL_ENABLE_OUTLIER_DETECTION is set to true (#​5537)


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