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Update module to v1.29.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.28.1 -> v1.29.1

Release Notes



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Notable changes

Bug fixes

  • CL/475995: internal/encoding/text: fix parsing of incomplete numbers


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This version introduces a new package protodelim to marshal and unmarshal size-delimited messages. It also brings the implementation up to date with the latest protobuf features.

Notable changes

New Features.

  • CL/419254: encoding: add protodelim package
  • CL/450775: reflect/protoreflect: add Value.Equal method
  • CL/462315: cmd/protoc-gen-go: make deprecated messages more descriptive
  • CL/473015: encoding/prototext: allow whitespace and comments between minus sign and number in negative numeric literal

Alignment with protobuf

  • CL/426054: types/descriptorpb: update *.pb.go to use latest protoc release, 21.5
  • CL/425554: encoding/protojson: fix parsing of google.protobuf.Timestamp
  • CL/461238: protobuf: remove the check for reserved field numbers
  • CL/469255: types/descriptorpb: regenerate using latest protobuf v22.0 release
  • CL/472696: cmd/protoc-gen-go: support protobuf retention feature

Documentation improvements:

  • CL/464275: proto: document Equal behavior of invalid messages
  • CL/466375: all: update links to Protocol Buffer documentation

Minor performance improvements

  • CL/460215: types/known/structpb: preallocate map in AsMap
  • CL/465115: internal/strs: avoid unnecessary allocations in Builder

Breaking changes

  • CL/461238: protobuf: remove the check for reserved field numbers
    • protowire.(Number).IsValid() no longer returns false for reserved fields because reserved fields are considered semantically valid by the protobuf spec.


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