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Update module to v1.42.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.41.0 -> v1.42.0

Release Notes



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Behavior Changes

  • grpc: Dial("unix://relative-path") no longer works (#​4817)
    • use "unix://absolute-path" or "unix:relative-path" instead in accordance with our documentation
  • xds/csds: use new field GenericXdsConfig instead of PerXdsConfig (#​4898)

New Features

  • grpc: support grpc.WithAuthority when secure credentials are used (#​4817)
  • creds/google: add NewDefaultCredentialsWithOptions() to support custom per-RPC creds (#​4767, #​4830)
  • authz: create file watcher interceptor for gRPC SDK API (#​4760)
  • attributes: add Equal method (#​4855)
  • resolver: add AddressMap and State.BalancerAttributes (#​4855)
  • resolver: Add URL field to Target to store parsed dial target (#​4817)
  • grpclb: add a target_name field to lb config to specify target when used as a child policy (#​4847)
  • grpclog: support formatting log output as JSON (#​4854)

Bug Fixes

  • server: add missing conn.Close if the connection dies before reading the HTTP/2 preface (#​4837)
  • grpclb: recover if addresses are received after an empty server list was received previously (#​4879)
  • authz: support empty principals and fix rbac authenticated matcher (#​4883)
  • xds/rds: NACK the RDS response if it contains unknown cluster specifier (#​4788)
  • xds/priority: do not switch to low priority when high priority is in Idle (e.g. ringhash) (#​4889)


  • grpc: stabilize WithDefaultServiceConfig and improve godoc (#​4888)
  • status: clarify FromError docstring (#​4880)
  • examples: add example illustrating the use of unix abstract sockets (#​4848)
  • examples: update load balancing example to use loadBalancingConfig (#​4887)
  • doc: promote WithDisableRetry to stable; clarify retry is enabled by default (#​4901)

API Changes

  • credentials: Mark TransportCredentials.OverrideServerName method as deprecated (#​4817)


Compare Source

  • creds/google: add NewDefaultCredentialsWithOptions() to support custom per-RPC creds (#​4767, #​4830)
  • pickfirst: check before calling Connect (#​4971)


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