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Update module to v1.34.1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.31.0 -> v1.34.1

Release Notes

protocolbuffers/protobuf-go (


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Minor fixes for editions compliance:

  • CL/582635: all: update to protobuf 27.0-rc1 and regenerate protos
  • CL/582755: encoding/proto[json|text]: accept lower case names for group-like fields


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Notable changes

New Features Protobuf editions are fully supported. You can now use edition = "2023" in .proto files together with the proto-gen-go. Edition2023 does not introduce any new features but can be used to replace syntax "proto2/3". Future editions might introduce new features. See for more details on protobuf editions.

Documentation Various smaller changes to improve existing documentation and to add more examples.

  • CL/574455: proto: extend Marshal documentation, include an example
  • CL/574635: proto: extend Unmarshal documentation, include an example
  • CL/574836: protogen: update Options documentation.
  • CL/573361: proto: add examples for Size, MarshalAppend (regarding allocations)
  • CL/579895: encoding/{protojson,prototext}: strengthen wording on stability

Extensions These are mostly performance improvements or preparations for performance improvements.

  • CL/575035: internal/impl: ensure proto.HasExtension does not allocate
  • CL/576315: [encoding/{protojson,prototext}: strengthen wording on stability](proto:%20CSE%20ProtoReflect() and TypeDescriptor() in proto.HasExtension
  • CL/576316: internal/impl: pass ExtensionTypeDescriptor to extensionMap
  • CL/579275: [proto] use the correct parent when resolving features for extensions
  • CL/579595: proto: return an error instead of producing invalid wire format


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This release contains one security fix:

  • encoding/protojson: Unmarshal could enter an infinite loop when unmarshaling certain forms of invalid JSON. This condition can occur when unmarshaling into a message which contains a google.protobuf.Any value, or when the UnmarshalOptions.DiscardUnknown option is set. Unmarshal now correctly returns an error when handling these inputs. This is CVE-2024-24786.


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Full Changelog:

This release contains commit, which fixes a denial of service vulnerability by preventing a stack overflow through a default maximum recursion limit. See and for details.


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