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Update module to v1.43.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.42.0 -> v1.43.0

Release Notes



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API Changes

Behavior Changes

  • status: support wrapped errors in FromContextError (#​4977)
  • config: remove the environment variable to disable retry support (#​4922)

New Features

  • balancer: new field Authority in BuildOptions for server name to use in the authentication handshake with a remote load balancer (#​4969)

Bug Fixes

  • xds/resolver: fix possible ClientConn leak upon resolver initialization failure (#​4900)
  • client: fix nil panic in rare race conditions with the pick first LB policy (#​4971)
  • xds: improve RPC error messages when xDS connection errors occur (#​5032, #​5054)
  • transport: do not create stream object in the face of illegal stream IDs (#​4873)


  • client: clarify errors to indicate whether compressed or uncompressed messages exceeded size limits (#​4918)


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