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Update module to v0.9.2

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v0.9.0 -> v0.9.2

Release Notes



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  • Auto-quote header parameters containing whitespace (#​209)
  • Remove leading header parameter whitespace (#​208)
  • Move ParseMediaType to its own mediatype package to reduce the length of header.go. Introduce wrapper func to preserve public API.


Compare Source

  • mime-dump now prints a stack trace when parsing fails for easier debugging
  • Handle trailing whitespace in ; separated headers (#​195, thanks demofrager)
  • Ignore empty sections in ; separated headers (#​199, thanks pavelbazika)
  • Handle very long lines inside mime boundaries (#​200, thanks pavelbazika)
  • Handle 8-bit characters in unencoded media type params (#​201, thanks pavelbazika)
  • Handle tiny destination buffers and long lines in quoted-printable blocks (#​203)
  • Encoder now uses QP or b64 encoding for 8-bit filenames instead of flattening to ASCII (#​197, thanks Alexfilus)


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