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github.com/prometheus/client_golang require minor v1.11.0 -> v1.16.0

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prometheus/client_golang (github.com/prometheus/client_golang)


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What's Changed

  • [BUGFIX] api: Switch to POST for LabelNames, Series, and QueryExemplars. #​1252
  • [BUGFIX] api: Fix undefined execution order in return statements. #​1260
  • [BUGFIX] native histograms: Fix bug in bucket key calculation. #​1279
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Reduce constrainLabels allocations for all metrics. #​1272
  • [ENHANCEMENT] promhttp: Add process start time header for scrape efficiency. #​1278
  • [ENHANCEMENT] promlint: Improve metricUnits runtime. #​1286

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Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.15.1...v1.16.0


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  • [BUGFIX] Fixed promhttp.Instrument* handlers wrongly trying to attach exemplar to unsupported metrics (e.g. summary),
    causing panics #​1253

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.15.0...v1.15.1


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[BUGFIX] Fix issue with atomic variables on ppc64le #​1171 [BUGFIX] Support for multiple samples within same metric #​1181 [BUGFIX] Bump golang.org/x/text to v0.3.8 to mitigate CVE-2022-32149 #​1187 [ENHANCEMENT] Add exemplars and middleware examples #​1173 [ENHANCEMENT] Add more context to "duplicate label names" error to enable debugging #​1177 [ENHANCEMENT] Add constrained labels and constrained variant for all MetricVecs #​1151 [ENHANCEMENT] Moved away from deprecated github.com/golang/protobuf package #​1183 [ENHANCEMENT] Add possibility to dynamically get label values for http instrumentation #​1066 [ENHANCEMENT] Add ability to Pusher to add custom headers #​1218 [ENHANCEMENT] api: Extend and improve efficiency of json-iterator usage #​1225 [ENHANCEMENT] Added (official) support for go 1.20 #​1234 [ENHANCEMENT] timer: Added support for exemplars #​1233 [ENHANCEMENT] Filter expected metrics as well in CollectAndCompare #​1143 [ENHANCEMENT] ️ Only set start/end if time is not Zero. This breaks compatibility in experimental api package. If you strictly depend on empty time.Time as actual value, the behavior is now changed #​1238

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Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.14.0...v1.15.0

v1.14.0: 1.14.0 / 2022-11-08

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It might look like a small release, but it's quite opposite 😱 There were many non user facing changes and fixes and enormous work from engineers from Grafana to add native histograms in 💪🏾 Enjoy! 😍

What's Changed

  • [FEATURE] Add Support for Native Histograms. #​1150
  • [CHANGE] Extend prometheus.Registry to implement prometheus.Collector interface. #​1103

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.13.1...v1.14.0

v1.13.1: 1.13.1 / 2022-11-02

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  • [BUGFIX] Fix race condition with Exemplar in Counter. #​1146
  • [BUGFIX] Fix CumulativeCount value of +Inf bucket created from exemplar. #​1148
  • [BUGFIX] Fix double-counting bug in promhttp.InstrumentRoundTripperCounter. #​1118

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.13.0...v1.13.1

v1.13.0: 1.13.0 / 2022-08-06

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  • [CHANGE] Minimum required Go version is now 1.17 (we also test client_golang against the new 1.19 version).
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added prometheus.TransactionalGatherer interface for promhttp.Handler use which allows using low allocation update techniques for custom collectors. #​989
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added exemplar support to prometheus.NewConstHistogram. See ExampleNewConstHistogram_WithExemplar example on how to use it. #​986
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Query requests are now retried after network error. #​1022
  • [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher now has context-aware methods that pass context to HTTP requests. #​1028
  • [ENHANCEMENT] prometheus/push.Pusher has now Error method that retrieve last error. #​1075
  • [ENHANCEMENT] testutil.GatherAndCompare provides now readable diff on failed comparisons. #​998
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Query API now supports timeouts. #​1014
  • [ENHANCEMENT] New MetricVec method DeletePartialMatch(labels Labels) for deleting all metrics that match provided labels. #​1013
  • [ENHANCEMENT] api.Config now accepts passing custom *http.Client. #​1025
  • [BUGFIX] Raise exemplar labels limit from 64 to 128 bytes as specified in OpenMetrics spec. #​1091
  • [BUGFIX] Allow adding exemplar to +Inf bucket to const histograms. #​1094
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Most promhttp.Instrument* middlewares now support adding exemplars to metrics. This allows hooking those to your tracing middleware that retrieves trace ID and puts it in exemplar if present. #​1055
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added testutil.ScrapeAndCompare method. #​1043
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed GopherJS build support. #​897
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Added way to specify what runtime/metrics collectors.NewGoCollector should use. See ExampleGoCollector_WithAdvancedGoMetrics. #​1102

New Contributors


v1.12.2: 1.12.2 / 2022-05-13

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  • [CHANGE] Added collectors.WithGoCollections that allows to choose what collection of Go runtime metrics user wants: Equivalent of MemStats structure configured using GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection, new based on dedicated runtime/metrics metrics represented by GoRuntimeMetricsCollection option, or both by specifying GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection | GoRuntimeMetricsCollection flag.
  • [CHANGE] Change in collectors.NewGoCollector metrics: Reverting addition of new ~80 runtime metrics by default. You can enable this back with GoRuntimeMetricsCollection option or GoRuntimeMemStatsCollection | GoRuntimeMetricsCollection for smooth transition.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixed the bug that causes generated histogram metric names to end with _total. ️ This changes 3 metric names in the new Go collector that was reverted from default in this release.
    • go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes_total -> go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes,
    • go_gc_heap_frees_by_size_bytes_total -> go_gc_heap_allocs_by_size_bytes
    • go_gc_pauses_seconds_total -> go_gc_pauses_seconds.
  • [CHANGE] Removed -Inf buckets from new Go Collector histograms.

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.12.1...v1.12.2

v1.12.1: 1.12.1 / 2022-01-29

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  • [BUGFIX] Make the Go 1.17 collector concurrency-safe #​969
    • Use simpler locking in the Go 1.17 collector #​975
  • [BUGFIX] Reduce granularity of histogram buckets for Go 1.17 collector #​974
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: make HTTP reads more efficient #​976

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.12.0...v1.12.1

v1.12.0: 1.12.0 / 2022-01-19

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  • [CHANGE] example/random: Move flags and metrics into main() #​935
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support wal replay status api #​944
  • [FEATURE] Use the runtime/metrics package for the Go collector for 1.17+ #​955
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Update /api/v1/status/tsdb to include headStats #​925
  • [SECURITY FIX] promhttp: Check validity of method and code label values #​962 (Addressed CVE-2022-21698)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.11.0...v1.12.0

v1.11.1: 1.11.1 / 2022-02-15

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What's Changed

Full Changelog: https://github.com/prometheus/client_golang/compare/v1.11.0...v1.11.1


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