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Update module to v0.10.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v0.9.2 -> v0.10.0

Release Notes



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  • Support for parser options! (#​248)
  • Option to skip parsing of malformed parts (#​248)
  • Envelope.Date() method for parsing date (#​253)
  • Option to handle missing multipart boundaries (#​257)
  • Remove trailing HTML tags (#​252)
  • Buffer overrun in quoted-printable (#​254)
  • Corrected quoted-printable equals counting (#​255)
  • Improve splitting inside quoted text (#​256)


Compare Source

  • Remove HTML tags in malformed content types (#​229)
  • Maximal number of errors recorded in Part limited (#​240)
  • Builder: Support other parts (#​244)
  • Additional decoding in mail address (#​247)
  • Integration test include Go 1.18
  • Fix for quote-printed utf-8 header with quotes (#​237)
  • Parse address joined with semicolons (#​238)
  • Use extended parser after fixing address list (#​239)
  • Parse media types which are escaped at first rune (#​246)
  • Rely on stdlib for decoding to UTF-8, simplifies address parsing (#​234)


Compare Source

  • Support for more charsets (#​230)
  • fixMangledMediaType now removes extra content-type parts (#​225)
  • Fix new lines (ie in filenames) in mediatype.Parse (#​224)
  • Fix crash in QPCleaner, when line is too long and buffer is almost full (#​220)


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