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Update module to v0.3.1

See merge request !3
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......@@ -2,4 +2,4 @@ module
go 1.16
require v0.3.0
require v0.3.1
go 1.14
require v0.0.0-20150301120808-6fe4a7ee9cfb v0.0.0-20150301120808-6fe4a7ee9cfb h1:17kQ+7S0aEyRhZd9KCAofvKlL1N1/w+zUZKaxpLFpM0= v0.0.0-20150301120808-6fe4a7ee9cfb/go.mod h1:FSCIHbrqk7D01Mj8y/jW+NS1uoCerr+ad+IckTHTFf4=
# v0.3.0
# v0.3.1
## explicit
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