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Update module mattes/migrate to v3

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Package Type Update Change require major v0.0.0-20180508041624-4768a648fbd9 -> v3.0.1

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Version 3 is a complete rewrite and not compatible with previous versions.

Not all drivers from previous versions are available yet. Any help porting existing drivers to this latest version is greatly appreciated. If you want to continue v1 for now, please have a look at branch v1.

  • Sources are drivers now. That makes it very easy to read migrations from a lot of places, like filesystem, S3, go-bindata, ...
  • Database drivers only have the bare minimum logic to apply migrations. All logic is handled by the core migrate library. This makes implementing and testing drivers even easier.
  • V3 is a complete rewrite. It uses io.Readers internally, is tested for thread-safety (also no leaking goroutines).
  • dirty state was introduced to give database drivers more flexibility to handle failed migrations.


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  • fixes import paths to work with


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