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Update module prometheus/client_golang to v1 - autoclosed

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require major v0.9.1 -> v1.9.0

Release Notes



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  • [FEATURE] NewPidFileFn helper to create process collectors for processes whose PID is read from a file. #​804
  • [BUGFIX] promhttp: Prevent endless loop in InstrumentHandler... middlewares with invalid metric or label names. #​823


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  • [CHANGE] API client: Use time.Time rather than string for timestamps in RuntimeinfoResult. #​777
  • [FEATURE] Export MetricVec to facilitate implementation of vectors of custom Metric types. #​803
  • [FEATURE API client: Support /status/tsdb endpoint. #​773
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Enable GET fallback on status code 501. #​802
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove Metric references after reslicing to free up more memory. #​784


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  • [BUGFIX] API client: Actually propagate start/end parameters of LabelNames and LabelValues. #​771


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  • [CHANGE] API client: Add start/end parameters to LabelNames and LabelValues. #​767
  • [FEATURE] testutil: Add GatherAndCount and enable filtering in CollectAndCount #​753
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add support for status and runtimeinfo endpoints. #​755
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Wrapping nil with a WrapRegistererWith... function creates a no-op Registerer. #​764
  • [ENHANCEMENT] promlint: Allow Kelvin as a base unit for cases like color temperature. #​761
  • [BUGFIX] push: Properly handle empty job and label values. #​752


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  • [FEATURE] testutil: Add lint checks for metrics, including a sub-package promlint to expose the linter engine for external usage. #​739 #​743
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Improve error messages. #​731
  • [BUGFIX] process collector: Fix process_resident_memory_bytes on 32bit MS Windows. #​734


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  • [BUGFIX] promhttp: Remove another superfluous WriteHeader call.


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  • [FEATURE] promauto: Add a factory to allow automatic registration with a local registry. #​713
  • [FEATURE] promauto: Add NewUntypedFunc. #​713
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support new metadata endpoint. #​718


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  • [BUGFIX] Fix timestamp of exemplars in CounterVec. #​710


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  • [CHANGE] Go collector: Improve doc string for go_gc_duration_seconds. #​702
  • [FEATURE] Support a subset of OpenMetrics, including exemplars. Needs opt-in via promhttp.HandlerOpts. EXPERIMENTAL #​706
  • [FEATURE] Add testutil.CollectAndCount. #​703


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  • [FEATURE] Support tags in Graphite bridge. #​668
  • [BUGFIX] API client: Actually return Prometheus warnings. #​699


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1.2.1 / 2019-10-17

  • [BUGFIX] Fix regression in the implementation of Registerer.Unregister. #​663


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  • [FEATURE] Support pushing to Pushgateway v0.10+. #​652
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve hashing to make a spurious AlreadyRegisteredError less likely to occur. #​657
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Add godoc examples. #​630
  • [BUGFIX] promhttp: Correctly call WriteHeader in HTTP middleware. #​634


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  • [CHANGE] API client: Format time as UTC rather than RFC3339Nano. #​617
  • [CHANGE] API client: Add warnings to LabelValues and LabelNames calls. #​609
  • [FEATURE] Push: Support base64 encoding in grouping key. #​624
  • [FEATURE] Push: Add Delete method to Pusher. #​613


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This release removes all previously deprecated features, resulting in the breaking changes listed below. As this is v1.0.0, semantic versioning applies from now on, with the exception of the API client and parts marked explicitly as experimental.

  • [CHANGE] Remove objectives from the default Summary. (Objectives have to be set explicitly in the SummaryOpts.) #​600
  • [CHANGE] Remove all HTTP related feature in the prometheus package. (Use the promhttp package instead.) #​600
  • [CHANGE] Remove push.FromGatherer, push.AddFromGatherer, push.Collectors. (Use push.New instead.) #​600
  • [CHANGE] API client: Pass warnings through on non-error responses. #​599
  • [CHANGE] API client: Add warnings to Series call. #​603
  • [FEATURE] Make process collector work on Microsoft Windows. EXPERIMENTAL #​596
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add /labels call. #​604
  • [BUGFIX] Make AlreadyRegisteredError usable for wrapped registries. #​607


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  • [CHANGE] API client: Switch to alert values as strings. #​585
  • [FEATURE] Add a collector for Go module build information. #​595
  • [FEATURE] promhttp: Add an counter for internal errors during HTTP exposition. #​594
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support target metadata API. #​590
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support storage warnings. #​562
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Improve performance handling JSON. #​570
  • [BUGFIX] Reduce test flakiness. #​573


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  • [CHANGE] Required Go version is now 1.9+. #​561
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add POST with get fallback for Query/QueryRange. #​557
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add alerts endpoint. #​552
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add rules endpoint. #​508
  • [FEATURE] push: Add option to pick metrics format. #​540
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Limit time the Go collector may take to collect memstats, returning results from the previous collection in case of a timeout. #​568
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Pusher now requires only a thin interface instead of a full http.Client, facilitating mocking and custom HTTP client implementation. #​559
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Memory usage improvement for histograms and summaries without objectives. #​536
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Summaries without objectives are now lock-free. #​521
  • [BUGFIX] promhttp: InstrumentRoundTripperTrace now takes into account a pre-set context. #​582
  • [BUGFIX] TestCounterAddLarge now works on all platforms. #​567
  • [BUGFIX] Fix promhttp examples. #​535 #​544
  • [BUGFIX] API client: Wait for done before writing to shared response body. #​532
  • [BUGFIX] API client: Deal with discovered labels properly. #​529


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  • [FEATURE] Support for Go modules. #​501
  • [FEATURE] Timer.ObserveDuration returns observed duration. #​509
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved doc comments and error messages. #​504
  • [BUGFIX] Fix race condition during metrics gathering. #​512
  • [BUGFIX] Fix testutil metric comparison for Histograms and empty labels. #​494 #​498

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