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Update module prometheus/client_golang to v0.9.4

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v0.9.1 -> v0.9.4

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • [CHANGE] API client: Switch to alert values as strings. #​585
  • [FEATURE] Add a collector for Go module build information. #​595
  • [FEATURE] promhttp: Add an counter for internal errors during HTTP exposition. #​594
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support target metadata API. #​590
  • [FEATURE] API client: Support storage warnings. #​562
  • [ENHANCEMENT] API client: Improve performance handling JSON. #​570
  • [BUGFIX] Reduce test flakiness. #​573


Compare Source

  • [CHANGE] Required Go version is now 1.9+. #​561
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add POST with get fallback for Query/QueryRange. #​557
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add alerts endpoint. #​552
  • [FEATURE] API client: Add rules endpoint. #​508
  • [FEATURE] push: Add option to pick metrics format. #​540
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Limit time the Go collector may take to collect memstats, returning results from the previous collection in case of a timeout. #​568
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Pusher now requires only a thin interface instead of a full http.Client, facilitating mocking and custom HTTP client implementation. #​559
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Memory usage improvement for histograms and summaries without objectives. #​536
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Summaries without objectives are now lock-free. #​521
  • [BUGFIX] promhttp: InstrumentRoundTripperTrace now takes into account a pre-set context. #​582
  • [BUGFIX] TestCounterAddLarge now works on all platforms. #​567
  • [BUGFIX] Fix promhttp examples. #​535 #​544
  • [BUGFIX] API client: Wait for done before writing to shared response body. #​532
  • [BUGFIX] API client: Deal with discovered labels properly. #​529


Compare Source

  • [FEATURE] Support for Go modules. #​501
  • [FEATURE] Timer.ObserveDuration returns observed duration. #​509
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Improved doc comments and error messages. #​504
  • [BUGFIX] Fix race condition during metrics gathering. #​512
  • [BUGFIX] Fix testutil metric comparison for Histograms and empty labels. #​494 #​498

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