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Update module to v1.13.0

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v1.10.0 -> v1.13.0

Release Notes

oschwald/maxminddb-golang (

v1.13.0: 1.13.0

Compare Source

  • Go 1.21 or greater is now required.
  • The error messages when decoding have been improved. #​119

v1.12.0: 1.12.0

Compare Source

  • The wasi target is now built without memory-mapping support. Pull request by Alex Kashintsev. GitHub #​114.
  • When decoding to a map of non-scalar, non-interface types such as a map[string]map[string]any, the decoder failed to zero out the value for the map elements, which could result in incorrect decoding. Reported by JT Olio. GitHub #​115.

v1.11.0: 1.11.0

Compare Source

  • wasm and wasip1 targets are now built without memory-mapping support. Pull request by Randy Reddig. GitHub #​110.

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