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Update module to v3.4.4

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v3.4.3 -> v3.4.4

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#​367 - Update test matrix to Go v1.14+ #​366 - Support for configurable logger #​368 - Linter cleanup #​372 - Update minimum required Go version to 1.14 #​371 - Allow NTLM authentication without a password #​374 - Add missing Client interface methods #​373 - Implement Subtree delete control type #​375 - feat: return referrals for modify operation #​304 - Add Entry Unmarshal #​382 - added int and []byte type to entry unmarshal #​385 - Update dependencies to satisfy new ntlmssp.ProcessChallenge signature #​386 - Add String() methods to DN and its subtypes #​388 - Fix request timeout handling


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