Commit 064a7387 authored by ale's avatar ale
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fix withLocalhost: RemoteAddr is a host:port

parent e01cbaab
......@@ -371,7 +371,12 @@ func (h *HttpRedirector) serveStatusPage(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)
func withLocalhost(h http.Handler) http.Handler {
return http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {
if ip := net.ParseIP(r.RemoteAddr); !ip.IsLoopback() {
host, _, err := net.SplitHostPort(r.RemoteAddr)
if err != nil {
http.Error(w, "Unauthorized", http.StatusUnauthorized)
if ip := net.ParseIP(host); !ip.IsLoopback() {
http.Error(w, "Unauthorized", http.StatusUnauthorized)
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