Commit 0f759401 authored by ale's avatar ale

Drop the whole connection on error in the proxy

Half-closed connections will get sources stuck.
parent f3689dfd
......@@ -150,11 +150,18 @@ func doIcecastProxy(rw http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request, target *url.URL,
// (>1.11), this is quite fast as io.CopyBuffer uses the splice()
// system call internally (in exchange we lose the ability to figure
// out which connection is the source of the error).
func copyStream(out, in *net.TCPConn, promCounter prometheus.Counter, cntr *uint64) {
func copyStream(tag string, out, in *net.TCPConn, promCounter prometheus.Counter, cntr *uint64) {
buf := getBuf()
defer releaseBuf(buf)
defer in.CloseRead() //nolint
defer out.CloseWrite() //nolint
// We used to do this in order to support half-closed connections.
//defer in.CloseRead() //nolint
//defer out.CloseWrite() //nolint
// Instead we do this and shut down the entire connection on error.
// We end up calling Close() twice but that's not a huge problem.
defer in.Close() //nolint
defer out.Close() //nolint
for {
n, err := io.CopyBuffer(out, in, buf)
......@@ -163,14 +170,21 @@ func copyStream(out, in *net.TCPConn, promCounter prometheus.Counter, cntr *uint
atomic.AddUint64(cntr, uint64(n))
if err != nil {
if err != io.EOF {
log.Printf("http: proxy error: %v", err)
if !isCloseError(err) {
log.Printf("http: proxy error (%s): %v", tag, err)
// This is a bad implementation (see
// for some notes on why it is a layering violation), and we could replace it
// with an atomic 'closing' flag.
func isCloseError(err error) bool {
return strings.Contains(err.Error(), "use of closed network connection")
// Simple two-way TCP proxy that copies data in both directions and
// can shutdown each direction of the connection independently.
func handleProxy(conn *net.TCPConn, upstream *net.TCPConn, streamName string) {
......@@ -181,11 +195,11 @@ func handleProxy(conn *net.TCPConn, upstream *net.TCPConn, streamName string) {
// Instrument both directions of the stream, but let the
// bandwidth estimator count only the bytes sent to the user.
go func() {
copyStream(conn, upstream, streamSentBytes.WithLabelValues(streamName), &bwBytesSent)
copyStream("upstream -> client", conn, upstream, streamSentBytes.WithLabelValues(streamName), &bwBytesSent)
go func() {
copyStream(upstream, conn, streamRcvdBytes.WithLabelValues(streamName), nil)
copyStream("client -> upstream", upstream, conn, streamRcvdBytes.WithLabelValues(streamName), nil)
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