Commit d73c8e53 authored by ale's avatar ale
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do not log timestamps from liquidsoap

parent 0c2d7268
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ var (
liquidsoapConfigStr = `
set("log.file", false)
set("log.stdout", true)
set("log.unix_timestamps", false)
upstream = mksafe(input.http("{{.SourceURL}}", buffer=5.0))
output.icecast(%{{.Format}}(samplerate={{.SampleRate}}, {{if gt .BitRate 0}}bitrate={{.BitRate}}, {{end}}{{if gt .Quality -1.0}}quality={{.Quality}}, {{end}}{{if .StereoMode}}stereo_mode={{.StereoMode}}, {{end}}{{if eq .Channels 2}}stereo{{else}}mono{{end}}),
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