Simple self-contained search engine in Go.

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Sample implementation of a small, self-contained search engine.

An example command-line tool is provided, which will let you index and search a collection of text files.


Required dependencies:

  • Go
  • libmagic (use apt-get install libmagic-dev to install it on a Debian system)
  • libicu (use apt-get install libicu-dev to install it on a Debian system)

To install the dependencies on OS X with homebrew: brew install libmagic icu4c.

The default file indexing application uses some external binaries to extract text from common file types. These dependencies are optional and not required when using the code as a library:

  • Lynx to parse HTML
  • pdftotext for PDF files


This is a step-by-step guide to install the software from the most recent sources:

$ go get -tags "libstemmer icu" git.autistici.org/ale/corpus/cmd/corpus

At the end of the above procedure, the corpus tool should have been created inside $GOPATH/bin/.

A GNU makefile is provided for compiling on OS X.