Commit 81e16ffb authored by ale's avatar ale

Do not drop /index.html at the end of URLs

parent 23a80bd6
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......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ func (c *Crawler) Enqueue(link Outlink, depth int) error {
// Normalize the URL.
urlStr := purell.NormalizeURL(link.URL, purell.FlagsSafe|purell.FlagRemoveDotSegments|purell.FlagRemoveDuplicateSlashes|purell.FlagRemoveFragment|purell.FlagRemoveDirectoryIndex|purell.FlagSortQuery)
urlStr := purell.NormalizeURL(link.URL, purell.FlagsSafe|purell.FlagRemoveDotSegments|purell.FlagRemoveDuplicateSlashes|purell.FlagRemoveFragment|purell.FlagSortQuery)
// Protect the read-modify-update below with a mutex.
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