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Update module to v0.6.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require minor v0.5.6 -> v0.6.0

Release Notes

google/go-cmp (


Compare Source

New API:

  • (#​340) Add cmpopts.EquateComparable

Documentation changes:

  • (#​337) Use of hotlinking of Go identifiers

Build changes:

  • (#​325) Remove purego fallbacks

Testing changes:

  • (#​322) Run tests for Go 1.20 version
  • (#​332) Pin GitHub action versions
  • (#​327) set workflow permission to read-only


Compare Source

Reporter changes:

  • (#​299) Adjust heuristic for line-based versus byte-based diffing
  • (#​306) Use value.TypeString in PathStep.String

Code cleanup changes:

  • (#​297) Use reflect.Value.IsZero
  • (#​304) Format with Go 1.19 formatter
  • (#​300 )Fix typo in Result documentation
  • (#​302) Pre-declare global type variables
  • (#​309) Run tests on Go 1.19


Compare Source

Reporter changes:

  • (#​293) Fix printing of types in reporter output for interface and pointer types
  • (#​294) Use string formatting for slice of bytes in more circumstances

Dependency changes:

  • (#​292) Update minimum supported version to go1.13 and remove xerrors dependency


Compare Source

Reporter changes:

  • (#​266) Fix textual printing of byte slices
  • (#​275) Reduce minimum length for specialize string diffing
  • (#​276) Use any alias instead of interface{}

Code cleanup changes:

  • (#​281) Update minimum supported version to go1.11
  • (#​282) Drop hacks to work around Go reflection bugs in Go1.9
  • (#​285) Add //go:build lines
  • (#​262) Fix staticcheck findings
  • (#​263) Avoid shadowing variable
  • (#​268) Use sha256 in test
  • (#​271) Fix spelling mistakes
  • (#​269) Change build status badge


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