Commit 120c87f6 authored by Kamil Kisiel's avatar Kamil Kisiel

Added command-line options for configuring the server

parent e3d57fc8
package main
import (
var (
metricsAddr string
consoleAddr string
graphiteAddr string
func init() {
const (
defaultMetricsAddr = ":8125"
defaultConsoleAddr = ":8126"
defaultGraphiteAddr = ""
flag.StringVar(&metricsAddr, "l", defaultMetricsAddr, "Address on which to listen for metrics (optional)")
flag.StringVar(&consoleAddr, "c", defaultConsoleAddr, "Address on which to listen for console sessions (optional)")
flag.StringVar(&graphiteAddr, "g", defaultGraphiteAddr, "Address of the graphite server (required)")
func main() {
err := statsd.ListenAndServe(":8125", ":8126", "localhost:1234")
if graphiteAddr == "" {
fmt.Printf("Error: You must provide the address of the graphite server with the -g flag\n")
fmt.Fprintf(os.Stderr, "Usage of %s:\n", os.Args[0])
err := statsd.ListenAndServe(metricsAddr, consoleAddr, graphiteAddr)
if err != nil {
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