Commit 9ded75b5 authored by ale's avatar ale

Add the URL prefix on the main webapp

parent 50b09416
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......@@ -144,8 +144,8 @@ func New(loginService *LoginService, authClient authclient.Client, config *Confi
// handler, optional CSRF protection, custom HTTP headers,
// etc.
mainh := http.NewServeMux()
mainh.HandleFunc("/logout", h.handleLogout)
mainh.HandleFunc("/", h.handleGrantTicket)
mainh.HandleFunc(h.urlFor("/logout"), h.handleLogout)
mainh.HandleFunc(h.urlFor("/"), h.handleGrantTicket)
loginh := login.New(mainh, devMgr, authClient,
config.AuthService, config.U2FAppID, urlPrefix,
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