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......@@ -121,3 +121,23 @@ parameters:
Note that annoyingly *cur_svc* and *cur_nonce* are redundant, as they
are already contained within *cur_tkt*, but the SSO ticket API won't
allow us to decode the ticket without verifying it at the same time.
# Implementation notes
The single-sign-on functionality works using HTTP cookies and
redirects between the protected service and the SSO server implemented
in this package. This part works without any Javascript, it's just
plain old HTTP (the browser must accept cookies though). SSO cookies
have a builtin (signed) expiration timestamp, and are set to be
automatically deleted on browser exit.
Logout, on the other hand, is more complex: in order to get the
browser to delete the cookies from the signed-in services, we use
XMLHttpRequests from the logout page, and expect the service logout
endpoints to support authenticated CORS. If Javascript is not
available, however, we try to clear the cookies using image requests,
but this may not work depending on the browser (Safari), or the
presence of privacy-protecting extensions meant to block third-party
cookies. In this case a message is displayed asking the user to quit
the browser, but this isn't really a satisfying solution.
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