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Fix id/go-sso import

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......@@ -45,10 +45,10 @@
"revisionTime": "2018-11-18T16:11:30Z"
"checksumSHA1": "oUeO2ktXtOh6f3w2cp1QtqjQlyQ=",
"checksumSHA1": "MszadHmYMr3JQMX2gRg7TfsQWVc=",
"path": "",
"revision": "a4b690e8a4e30acb3e0b6e94727c56bc3390409d",
"revisionTime": "2018-11-18T17:15:16Z"
"revision": "ad4e6235791228c6ffc229174b46fb4cdbe27dc2",
"revisionTime": "2018-11-18T17:45:41Z"
"checksumSHA1": "0rido7hYHQtfq3UJzVT5LClLAWc=",
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