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KeyStore holds *unencrypted* secrets on behalf of users in memory for
a short time (of the order of a SSO session lifespan). User secrets
can be *opened* with a password (used to decrypt the key, which is
stored encrypted in a database), *queried* by presenting a suitable
authentication token, and *closed* (wiped and forgotten).
The database can provide multiple versions of the encrypted key (to
support multiple decryption passwords), in which case we'll try
them all sequentially until one of them decrypts successfully with
the provided password.
In order to query the KeyStore, you need to present a valid SSO
token for the user whose secrets you would like to obtain.
The server exports an API over HTTP/HTTPS. All requests should be made
using the POST method and a Content-Type of *application/json*. The
request body should contain a JSON-encoded object. Responses will be
similarly JSON-encoded.
`/api/open` (*OpenRequest*)
Retrieve the encrypted key for a user, decrypt it with the provided
password, and store it in memory.
OpenRequest is an object with the
following attributes:
* `username`
* `password` to decrypt the user's key with
* `ttl` (seconds) time after which the credentials are automatically
`/api/get` (*GetRequest*) -> *GetResponse*
Retrieve the key for a user. GetRequest must contain the following
* `username` whose key you wish to retrieve
* `sso_ticket` with a valid SSO ticket for the *keystore* service
If the request is successfully authenticated, GetResponse will contain
a single attribute *key*.
`/api/close` (*CloseRequest*)
Forget the key for a given user.
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