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Update ai3/go-common

parent ae260514
......@@ -103,16 +103,24 @@ func instrumentHandler(h http.Handler) http.Handler {
// HTTP-related metrics.
var (
// Since we instrument the root HTTP handler, we don't really
// have a good way to set the 'handler' label based on the
// request URL - but still, we'd like to set the label to
// match what the other Prometheus jobs do. So we just set it
// to 'all'.
totalRequests = prometheus.NewCounterVec(
Name: "total_requests",
Name: "http_requests_total",
Help: "Total number of requests.",
ConstLabels: prometheus.Labels{
"handler": "all",
[]string{"code", "method"},
inFlightRequests = prometheus.NewGauge(
Name: "inflight_requests",
Name: "http_requests_inflight",
Help: "Number of in-flight requests.",
......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
"revisionTime": "2017-12-14T08:46:15Z"
"checksumSHA1": "wY0SM35qAhX3P2IZzDnYa068cPw=",
"checksumSHA1": "nlGRxexjZUxnHc/z/+ZqV/Xq51w=",
"path": "",
"revision": "0cc062297e2c27f9a1abcb1a00172d1e0281f8cb",
"revisionTime": "2017-12-14T08:46:15Z"
"revision": "aa88011352b67032c19b0c14eaa06b3417176753",
"revisionTime": "2017-12-19T17:20:40Z"
"checksumSHA1": "DFjm2ZJpUwioPApa3htGXLEFWl8=",
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