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Add a client package

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package client
import (
// Client for the keystore API.
type Client struct {
backendURL string
// Config for a keystore client.
type Config struct {
BackendURL string `yaml:"backend_url"`
TLSConfig *clientutil.TLSClientConfig `yaml:"tls_config"`
// New returns a new Client with the given Config.
func New(config *Config) (*Client, error) {
u, err := url.Parse(config.BackendURL)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
var tlsConfig *tls.Config
if config.TLSConfig != nil {
tlsConfig, err = config.TLSConfig.TLSConfig()
if err != nil {
return nil, err
c := &http.Client{
Transport: clientutil.NewTransport([]string{u.Host}, tlsConfig, nil),
Timeout: 20 * time.Second,
return &Client{
Client: c,
backendURL: config.BackendURL,
}, nil
func (c *Client) Open(ctx context.Context, username, password string, ttl int) error {
req := keystore.OpenRequest{
Username: username,
Password: password,
TTL: ttl,
var resp keystore.OpenResponse
return clientutil.DoJSONHTTPRequest(ctx, c.Client, c.backendURL+"/api/open", &req, &resp)
func (c *Client) Get(ctx context.Context, username, ssoTicket string) ([]byte, error) {
req := keystore.GetRequest{
Username: username,
SSOTicket: ssoTicket,
var resp keystore.GetResponse
err := clientutil.DoJSONHTTPRequest(ctx, c.Client, c.backendURL+"/api/get", &req, &resp)
return resp.Key, err
func (c *Client) Close(ctx context.Context, username string) error {
req := keystore.CloseRequest{
Username: username,
var resp keystore.CloseResponse
return clientutil.DoJSONHTTPRequest(ctx, c.Client, c.backendURL+"/api/close", &req, &resp)
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