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Update module lib/pq to v1

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require major v0.0.0-20190326042056-d6156e141ac6 -> v1.9.0

Release Notes



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  • better errors on network failures
  • fully implement database/sql/driver.Driver
  • improved query cancellation from contexts
  • support int32/float32/[]byte slices in Array


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  • Change Kerberos connection string parameters:
    • service is now krbsrvname
    • spn is now krbspn


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  • Fix Kerberos build on Windows
  • Return rows affected for COPY


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  • Changed GSS API so that default package doesn't have any dependencies.


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  • Add GSS auth support
  • Fix for current map write when using unix sockets


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  • fix 2400 time encoding for time/timetz


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  • Improved notification handler.


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  • Added notification handler.


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  • Add a notice handler func.
  • Bump oldest supported Go version to 1.13.
  • Improve aix and plan9 support.


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  • Improved Ping support, now works correctly even during a failed transaction.
  • Fix nil pointer dereference when calling RowsAffected on the result of a 0-item CopyIn


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  • Add QuoteLiteral function
  • Fix connection leak on SSL failure
  • Fix Rollback in commit
  • Drop tested support for Go < 1.11
  • Drop tested support for Postgres < 9.4


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  • Fix parsing of FLOAT4 types.


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  • Removed support for Go 1.8 and below. Go 1.9 or above is now required.
  • Implemented the Pinger interface.
  • Support returning multiple result sets from a single query.
  • Add SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication.

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