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    Support scraping of "global" scope · 3e8a4ef5
    Nick Groenen authored
    PR #5 (itself based on #4) introduced support to scrape the "global" scope,
    however the format of these stats differs slightly from that of the
    As a result of this, combined with the silent return when `len(values)
    != len(columns)+1`, these metrics were being incorrectly exported as
    mislabeled metrics with values of 0.
    The changes in this PR accomodate for the format of the "global" scope
    and now properly scrape those as well.
    It will now also display an error when column counts mismatch, reducing
    the likelihood of silent errors in the future.
    Global metrics will now show up as:
    dovecot_global_auth_cache_hits 0
    dovecot_global_auth_cache_misses 0
    dovecot_global_auth_db_tempfails 3
    dovecot_global_auth_failures 6
    dovecot_global_auth_master_successes 0
    dovecot_global_auth_successes 228
    dovecot_global_clock_time 0
    dovecot_global_disk_input 0
    dovecot_global_disk_output 0
    dovecot_global_invol_cs 0
    dovecot_global_last_update 1.516197189175826e+09
    dovecot_global_mail_cache_hits 0
    dovecot_global_mail_lookup_attr 0
    dovecot_global_mail_lookup_path 0
    dovecot_global_mail_read_bytes 0
    dovecot_global_mail_read_count 0
    dovecot_global_maj_faults 0
    dovecot_global_min_faults 0
    dovecot_global_num_cmds 0
    dovecot_global_num_connected_sessions 234
    dovecot_global_num_logins 234
    dovecot_global_read_bytes 0
    dovecot_global_read_count 0
    dovecot_global_reset_timestamp 1.516190181e+09
    dovecot_global_sys_cpu 0
    dovecot_global_user_cpu 0
    dovecot_global_vol_cs 0
    dovecot_global_write_bytes 0
    dovecot_global_write_count 0
    dovecot_up{scope="global"} 1
    ...with the other scopes being unaffected.