Commit 0c02a445 authored by ale's avatar ale
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Remove reference to 'log'

parent 9dbd4d12
......@@ -572,20 +572,6 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[])
#endif /* AP_SUEXEC_UMASK */
* Be sure to close the log file so the CGI can't
* mess with it. If the exec fails, it will be reopened
* automatically when log_err is called. Note that the log
* might not actually be open if AP_LOG_EXEC isn't defined.
* However, the "log" cell isn't ifdef'd so let's be defensive
* and assume someone might have done something with it
* outside an ifdef'd AP_LOG_EXEC block.
if (log != NULL) {
log = NULL;
* Execute the command, replacing our image with its own.
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