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Update module openzipkin/zipkin-go to v0.2.5

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change require patch v0.2.2 -> v0.2.5

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Removes the optional configuration for enable sampling on reporter calls until we get a use case where users want to enable tracing in such calls. This is, all reporter calls will be unsampled always.


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Adds B3:0 header to HTTP Reporter to mitigate trace reporting amplification Updates proto handling to newer packages

See #​176


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  • fix(reporter/kafka): fixes the SpanSerializer option usage. (#​156)
  • feat(reporter/http): uses an interface for http client (#​155)
  • docs(reporter/kafka): adds more information about tweaking the producer (#​158)
  • Duration order consistency when multiplying number by time unit (#​160)
  • feat(json-format): lowercase span name and service name as per swagger definition (#​166)
  • Update generated proto code to latest protoc (#​165)
  • Don't include the http.status_code when 2xx in server. (#​167)
  • Add support for RemoteEndpoint in transport/client. (#​170)

Thanks for the contributions: @​dengliming @​jcchavezs @​anuraaga @​maxifom

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