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Fix the encoding format spec in the liquidsoap template

The right set of parameters depend on the format, move that logic to a
function in the code and out of the template.
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......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import (
......@@ -22,8 +23,8 @@ set("log.unix_timestamps", false)
upstream = mksafe(input.http("{{.SourceURL}}", buffer=5.0))
{{if eq .Channels 1}}upstream = mean(upstream){{end}}
output.icecast(%{{.Format}}(samplerate={{.SampleRate}}, {{if gt .BitRate 0}}bitrate={{.BitRate}}, {{end}}{{if gt .Quality -1.0}}quality={{.Quality}}, {{end}}{{if .StereoMode}}stereo_mode="{{.StereoMode}}", {{end}}{{if eq .Channels 2}}stereo{{else}}mono{{end}}),
mount="{{.TargetMount}}", host="{{.TargetIP}}", port={{.TargetPort}}, user="{{.TargetUsername}}", password="{{.TargetPassword}}",
mount="{{.TargetMount}}", host="{{.TargetHost}}", port={{.TargetPort}}, user="{{.TargetUsername}}", password="{{.TargetPassword}}",
......@@ -52,21 +53,14 @@ type liquidsoapParams struct {
SourceURL string
// Target (downstream) connection parameters.
TargetIP string
TargetHost string
TargetPort int
TargetMount string
TargetUsername string
TargetPassword string
// Stream encoding parameters. One note on the 'float32'
// choice for Quality: text/template can't evaluate the 'gt'
// function successfully on a float64 type!
Format string
BitRate int32
SampleRate int32
Channels int32
StereoMode string
Quality float32
Format string
Channels int
// Create new parameters for liquidsoap for a transcoding mount. If
......@@ -80,17 +74,13 @@ type liquidsoapParams struct {
func newLiquidsoapParams(m *pb.Mount) *liquidsoapParams {
return &liquidsoapParams{
SourceURL: fmt.Sprintf("http://localhost%s", m.TranscodeParams.SourcePath),
TargetIP: "localhost",
TargetHost: "localhost",
TargetPort: 80,
TargetMount: m.Path,
TargetUsername: m.SourceUsername,
TargetPassword: m.SourcePassword,
Format: m.TranscodeParams.Format,
BitRate: m.TranscodeParams.BitRate,
SampleRate: m.TranscodeParams.SampleRate,
Channels: m.TranscodeParams.Channels,
StereoMode: m.TranscodeParams.StereoMode,
Quality: m.TranscodeParams.Quality,
Format: liquidsoapFormatString(m.TranscodeParams),
Channels: int(m.TranscodeParams.Channels),
......@@ -101,3 +91,33 @@ func makeLiquidsoapConfig(m *pb.Mount) ([]byte, error) {
return buf.Bytes(), nil
func liquidsoapFormatString(params *pb.EncodingParams) string {
var outp []string
switch params.Format {
case "mp3", "mp3.cbr", "mp3.vbr", "mp3.abr":
if params.Channels == 1 {
outp = append(outp, "mono")
} else {
outp = append(outp, "stereo")
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("stereo_mode=\"%s\"", params.StereoMode))
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("samplerate=%d", params.SampleRate))
switch params.Format {
case "mp3", "mp3.cbr", "mp3.abr":
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("bitrate=%d", params.BitRate))
case "mp3.vbr":
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("quality=%d", int(params.Quality)))
case "vorbis", "vorbis.cbr", "vorbis.abr":
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("channels=%d", params.Channels))
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("samplerate=%d", params.SampleRate))
switch params.Format {
case "vorbis":
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("quality=%g", params.Quality))
case "vorbis.abr", "vorbis.cbr":
outp = append(outp, fmt.Sprintf("bitrate=%d", params.BitRate))
return fmt.Sprintf("%%%s(%s)", params.Format, strings.Join(outp, ", "))
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